You have accessed the Whistleblowing Management System that SE Electrica SA provides to its personnel and stakeholders in order for them to communicate concerns about deviations from the rules governing the company’s activity.

The system is managed by an independent organization – Asociația REPER pentru Management prin Valori – to ensure that its user’s anonymity is protected. It can be accessed either by using the website: https://managementparticipativ.info.ro/electrica, or the telephone number: +40 316 301 543.

By submitting a complaint in good faith using this system, you become a whistleblower, and you benefit from the protection provided by the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and The procedure for reporting ethical misconduct, irregularities or any violations of law by professional alerting devices (whistleblowing) both approved by the Decision of the Board of Directors no. 3 / 02.02.2015.

The submitted complaints are collected, analyzed, processed and archived by the REPER pentru Management prin Valori team. Any information that would allow the whistleblower to be identified is removed and only then are they sent to the designated person in the Audit Department of Electrica for analysis and resolution. Anonymous complaints are being sent once every two weeks for those which are considered whistleblowing, once a month for those which are not and within 48 hours from being received for a whistleblowing incident representing an imminent risk to the company.

All data collected through this form is processed and stored exclusively by REPER pentru Management prin Valori, which will only being used to contact you in case you request assistance for submitting the complaint. Refusal to provide your contact details makes it impossible for us to provide these services but does not limit your possibility of using the whistleblowing management system. Your personal data is processed in accordance with the REPER Personal Data Protection Policy and will be deleted 1 year after the investigation of your report is resolved.

The complaints submitted using this system are not subject to the standard legal framework for petitions, so the 30-day deadline for settlement is not applicable, nor is the obligation to communicate the results of the investigation to the whistleblower. All complaints will be sent to Electrica’s Audit Department for analysis, investigation and resolution. The Audit Department will issue a report and send it to the executive management of the company in order to enforce the measures recommended by the audit team.

The statistical information regarding the received complaints, results of the investigation and institutional measures applied to prevent similar situations will be included in Electrica’s quarterly information reports and will be disseminated using the company’s internal communication tools.

Complaints which are not whistleblowing will be treated as notifications and will be submitted to Electrica every month without application of anonymization measures. Details on responsible departments can be found in the next pages.

As part of this service, REPER pentru Management prin Valori can provide you with guidance on how to complete the whistleblowing form, structure the information and establish the facts. To access this service or to clarify any issues regarding the working mechanism of the whistleblowing management system, please fill in the first section of the whistleblowing form, including your contact details.



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Management prin Valori


In order to submit a whistleblowing or a complaint, please press