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Electrica  provides all interested parties with the current Whistleblowing Management System managed by an independent organization – Asociația REPER pentru Management prin Valori – in order to guarantee the protection of the identity for the persons using it.

The data provided through this form is processed and stored exclusively by REPER pentru Management prin Valori, and  it is  used to contact you back only if you request any assitance for filling in the form. All data will be deleted one year after the reported issues’ investigation is complete.



    ELECTRICA whistleblowing form

    General information
    1. The facts you report in this whistleblowing pose an imminent risk to the company and require resolution within less than 72 hours?*
    2. Do you consider yourself a whistleblower and need support in order to fill in this form?*
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    7. Please provide us with an email address where to receive confirmation of submitting this complaint
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    9. Which of the entities of Electrica Group are you in the aforementioned affiliation to?*
    10. Which city is the headquarters of the selected subsidiary, branch or agency based in?
    Details of the complaint
    1. Who are the persons targeted by this complaint?
    2. Which entity of Electrica Group is the person or are the persons targeted by this complaint affiliated to?
    3. Which city is the headquarters of the selected subsidiary, branch or agency based in?
    4. What is the date or period when you believe the disclosed situation has occurred or will occur?
    5. What are the acts targeted by this complaint?
    6. Describe the acts that are the subject of this complaint.
    7. Have you taken any further actions in respect to the reported situation?
    8. Attach the supporting documents (optional)
    9. Please compile all documents in a single file with a maximum size of 5 MB.

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    Please be aware that the petition regime is not applicable to the current complaint, so the 30-day term for settlement is neither applicable. The complaints are sent for analysis, investigation and resolution to the Audit Department of  Electrica , which will issue a report to be further submitted to the executive management of the company for implementing the measures ordered by the audit team.

    Statistical information on the received complaints, settlement methods and institutional measures adopted to prevent similar situations will be included in the quarterly Electrica information reports that will be disseminated using the company’s internal communication tools.

    If you wish your data not to be processed by REPER any longer, you may write us at any time at sesizari@managementparticipativ.info.ro