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Premium Porc Group Whistleblowing Form


Premium Porc Group provides all interested parties with the current Whistleblowing Management System managed by an independent organization –REPER pentru Management prin Valori – in order to guarantee the protection of the identity for the persons using it.

The data provided through this form is processed and stored by REPER pentru Management prin Valori, and may be forwarded to Premium Porc Group as long as you have not required them to remain anonymous.

Should you require assistance on filing a complaint or information regarding your means of protection, do not hesitate to contact us at sesizari.ppg@managementparticipativ.info.ro and our whistleblowing advisors will get back to you in the shortest time possible.


    General information
    1. The facts you report in this complaint pose an imminent risk to the company and require resolution within less than 72 hours?*
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    1. If you would prefer the information contained in this section to remain anonymous, please check the box below. Otherwise, your personal data may be forwarded to Premium Porc Group only if the company insists that it is necessary for the complaint's resolution.
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    3. Your name will not be shared with Premium Porc Group if you have chosen an anonymous complaint.
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    8. Your phone number will not be shared with Premium Porc Group if you have chosen an anonymous complaint.
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    10. Please provide us with an email address where we can update you on the form's status as well as use for communication. Your email will not be shared with Premium Porc Group if you have chosen an anonymous complaint.
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    Details of the complaint
    1. Which place is the headquarters of the selected subsidiary, branch or agency based in?
    2. Who are the people targeted by this complaint?*
    3. What is the position of the person targeted by this complaint?*
    4. What is the date or period when you believe the disclosed situation has occurred or will occur?*
    5. What are the acts targeted by this complaint?
    6. Describe the acts that are the subject of this complaint.*
    7. Remaining characters: 1500
    8. Is there evidence or any witnesses that might support the complaint?*
    9. Have you taken any further actions in respect to the reported situation?
    10. You can attach documents, images or video/audio files that support the complaint.
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    We would like to inform you that the complaints submitted via this platform are not subject to the petition regime and response time varies based on the complexity of the report. The complaints are forwarded to the executive management of Premium Porc Group to be analyzed, investigated and resolved. You will be informed on the result of the complaint investigation by Premium Porc Group or, if you have chosen an anonymous complaint, by REPER pentru Management prin Valori.